Morning Glory Transitional Home Inc. provides housing for women for 18 months including Housing, Development Program and Case Management to assist women to meet their goals. M.G.T.H also provides workshops and classes for community members.

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Mission Statement

Morning Glory Transitional Home, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 2010 and provides 18 months of temporary housing for women combating homelessness through supportive services of Transitional Housing and Case Management to become self-empowered, self-sufficient, mentally-whole, financially independent individuals to obtain stable housing to end the homeless epidemic.



Morning Glory Transitional Home has empowered numerous women to reach their full potential and create their success stories.

Take a look at some of those stories down below.

Employment Within 3 Months

In 2010, one member was homeless but by  utilizing ther services and programs offered through our program was able to fins employment within 3 months.

After finding employment, she was able to find permanent housing and unite with her underage son.

Completed Program In Nine Months 

In 2011, one member never thought she would have been able to have her own living space.

Her 9-month stay at our home enabled her to build enough knowledge to stabilize her personal finances and rent her own apartment.

Obtained Housing In Two Months

In 2012, one member moved to Georgia hoping for a better future, but was faced with homelessness.

During her stay, she was able to enroll herself in a Certified Nursing Assistant course. After graduation, she was able to gain employment at the local hospital.

She is now a homeowner in the DeKalb County area.

Obtained Employment In Six Months

One of our current members was faced with homelessness due to her employer reducing their workforce.

She could no longer afford where she lived. Six months after being accepted into the program she was able to obtain full-time employment.

She is currently still an active member of the organization.